Permanent residency

Enjoy the privilege of Canadian citizenship by permanently settling here!

Canada has always been a loving nation in terms of the benefits that it offers to the newcomers. To become a permanent resident of Canada by opting for Canada immigration, you need to hold a suitable visa for Canada that is mainly categorized as:

  • Skilled worker visa

  • Business class immigration

  • Family visa for Canada

  • International adoption

  • Quebec selected immigration

All of these benefits include:

  • Entitled to legal certain legal rights

  • Entitled to equal treatment and protection as that of the sole citizen

  • Free movement in different parts of the country

  • The migrant can study and work in any part of the country

  • Social service benefits

Further holding permanent residency in Canada ensures several other benefits including:

Free education to children: This entitles children below the age group of 18 years to pursue education in any part of the country, free of cost.

CCTB (Canada Child Tax Benefit): Under this benefit, if the migrant has any family member in Canada that is under 18 years of age, then the Canadian government offers monthly payment that is tax-free, helping the person cover his/her expenses.

Pension Plan: In order to provide financial support to the people of retirement age, this program has been designed. There are two other programs that are the old age security and guaranteed income supplement that helps migrants above 65 years of age to live a peaceful life in Canada. These benefits, although requires fulfillment of certain PR requirements.

Maternity benefits: There is a provision of offering 50 to 65% normal income for women who takes up maternity leave for up to 12 months.

Paternity benefits: Under this if both the parents are working in Canada, then the government has kept the provision of 35 weeks of leave for them, with the criteria that they must have worked for 600 hours

How can we help you?

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