Study in Canada- Way to a majestic future

Canada, the Maple Leaf Country, continues to be recognized for providing the best education opportunities to the students, across the world. The country puts great emphasize on learning, and it spends approximately 5.4% of its GDP, which is more than any other country in the world so as to maintain high educational standards. The institutions like University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, are wired with world-class technology, infrastructure, and best-in-class faculty that have made these universities gain reputation worldwide. Being a global hub of education, the country welcomes more than 130,000 foreign students per year from every nook and cranny of the world and promises to provide them with excellent study and living experience. Further, the country offers a fantastic cross-cultural environment that provides students with global exposure and let them forge international relationships to last a lifetime.

Take a quick glance on what will be the benefits of studying there:

  • A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate, enjoys global recognition as it is equivalent to those obtained from the US and Commonwealth countries.

  • A student gets ample opportunities and facilities to conduct research

  • Lower cost of living and tuition fees than US and UK

  • Students with valid credentials and work experience can further apply for the Canadian permanent residency

  • A student can also work on the campus without the work permit, or he/she can work off campus for 20 hours per week through Off-Campus Work Permit Program.

  • A student can apply for the Post Study Work Permit for up to 3 years after successful completion of the course.

  • Peaceful, multicultural society and welcoming people make Canada the best place to live in.

These are the factors that make studying in Canada an exciting or lifetime experience.

How can you achieve your goals?

If you are planning to apply for the academic or vocational training at an educational institution in the country, you are required to obtain a valid Study Permit. There are a few exceptions, that you do not need the permit if the duration of the course is about 6 months or less.

Things you need to obtain a Study Permit:

Obtaining a Canadian Visa for study is not a very hectic process; all you need to do is submit below mentioned documents along with the application to the office.

Letter of acceptance: You are required to include the original letter of acceptance that you received from the college/university/institution you are going to attend.

Proof of funds: You have to provide proof of funds for tuition fees and living expenses. In other words, you need to show that you have sufficient funds for your stay, study in the country and return transportation for yourself.

Police Certificate: You have to show a police certificate supporting you as a law-abiding citizen of your country with no criminal record.

Medical Examination: You must be in good health.

Assurance: You have to convince an immigration officer that you will leave the country at the end of the Canada visa.

This is how you can obtain a study visa for Canada for the dream destination- Canada.

So, what are you waiting for!

Take a free, Online Assessment with Visa Canada Immigration to know if you can apply for the student visa for Canada and let your dreams fly high.

As you are about to begin an exciting Canadian academic journey, Visa Canada Immigration wishes you the best of luck and bon voyage!