Business in Canada- A foundation for prosperity

Buoyed by liberal research opportunities, easy access to U.S.A developed markets, sound economic and low corporate tax rate, Canada has supremely become a premier location for business investment. The stable political environment, economic conditions of Canada nourish aspirations of investors who wish to invest capital in the economy of Canada and ensure to provide them thriving opportunities. The country also looks forward to foreign investment which can contribute to its financial growth and help generate jobs for its citizens as well.

Why you should invest in Canada?

Here is a checklist of potential advantages that you can enjoy if you choose Canada for investment:

Friendly Business Environment: The country promises a friendly business environment and fuels thriving growth possibilities owing to its sound political and financial conditions.

Excellent Market Access: If you invest in Canada, you might get access to the markets of NAFTA and the EU.

An Educated Workforce: Canada boasts its maximum working-age population. So, if you invest in the country, you will get opportunity to work with the most educated workforce in the world.

Low Tax Rates: Canada is regarded for lower corporate tax rate than the USA (almost 17 percent), which makes investment easy in the country.

A great place to work and live: Owing to high quality lifestyle of cosmopolitan cities, strong financial system and the business friendly political environment, the country touches every life and make it worth living.

Thus, if you are also determined to invest in Canada, there is a world of possibilities awaits you. There are many ways through which you can achieve your dreams of owning or acquiring a business establishment in the country.

Canadian Business Visa Program:

The Canadian Business Visa Program is designed to attract business persons who can invest in the country and thus contribute to its economic growth. Whether you wish to start-up your own business and acquire an existing one, if you must qualify under one of the below mentioned visa categories, that further lead you to prized Canadian Permanent Citizenship.

The Immigrant Investor Program is meant for those who wish to invest a huge capital in the country. Potential investors must show their business experience and a minimum net worth of investment in the country.

The Entrepreneur Program is suitable for those who can own and actively manage business in the country. The business which an entrepreneur would hold, must contribute to the economy and create jobs for the citizens.

Self-employed persons must demonstrate sheer determination and ability to establish their own employment in the country, and can contribute to its cultural or athletic life. People with farm management experience are likely to be favored.

Take an online assessment form to check if you qualify for Canadian immigration under the chosen program.

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